Gory Spikes


Big spikes can cross a road to rip wheels, they will keep jumpy raiders at bay if bolted to a wall -that’s what we did, as you can see in one of the pics-, they can be hidden in ditches to break enemy mounts’ legs, they can be used to cover the Chapter’s Alley of Hazings, buried at the bottom of a pitch just for the extra loss of life points or welded to linebreaker vehicles to improve the linebreaking. And probably you are already thinking about more gory and imaginative uses for them!

Big spikes. This kit is integrated by six concrete blocks with massive spiked stripes riveted to them (ok, it’s actually only resin). All six pieces are different and are detailed with rivets, welding strings and battle damages.


These are high quality resin miniatures cast at high pressure. Nice objects for collectors and players.

They are NOT toys suitable for children. DON’T allow children under 13 handle them. They could break them, eat them or harm themselves or the models in many other ways.

This kit contains several pieces, which need some cleaning, assembly and a loving paintjob. Tools and paints are not included.

Sculpted by Roberto Cantos.


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