Wasteland Soils


The Wasteland, the Forbidden Zone, the Forbidden Area, the Desert of Lamentation, the endless barren plains of Armageddon, Nevada… all these wasted, postapocalyptic hellholes have something common: they look like empty, sterile deserts. But they are not! It’s almost impossible to take a step without running into the skull of some more brave than smart adventurer, a rusty chunk of arcanotechnology or the bloody smoky spoils of the last clash between Lord Babaganungus’ Dogs and Hershe Las Palmas’ swooping karatekillers.

Thank’s to Raúl Guilabert’s skilled hands, we can offer you this pack of ten 25 mm. and one 40 mm. round bases. The big one is perfect for the Pit Beast or the odd tank-as-shoes Ork Nob. All of them are different and scream “bleakness”, “danger” and “ruthless”. The kind of adjectives we want to apply to our game boards!


hese are high quality resin miniatures cast at high pressure.

They are objects for collectors and players. They are NOT toys suitable for children. DON’T allow children under 13 to handle them. They could break them, eat them or harm themselves or the models in many other ways.

This kit contains several pieces, which need some cleaning, assembly and a loving paintjob. Tools and paints are not included.

Sculpted by Raúl Guilabert.


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