Industrial Reels

Industrial Reels


As any wargamer knows, the pinacle of engineering is creating thick chunky metallic objects covered in rust, rivets and screws that will offer good cover during a space shoot-out.
Bearing that in mind, we’ve created these two chain and cable rolls. Behind them, your Marines, mutants, Blade Runners, xenomorphs, abhumans and generic aliens will feel equally safe from rocket-bullets and lasfire.


This is a quality miniature made of several high-pressure cast resin pieces.

It’s an object for collectors and players. It is NOT a toy suitable for children. DON’T allow children under 13 to handle it. They could break it, eat it or harm themselves in many other ways.

This model needs some cleaning, assembly and a loving paintjob. It is sold unpainted. Tools and paints are not included.

Any character miniature shown on the photos is not included in the kit, it is just posing to show scale.

Sculpted by Roberto Cantos.


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